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Do Not Depend on Stinkin Thinkin to Mend

I earlier broached the subject of spot-on thinking to guide actions to maximize wellbeing correctly. I don’t want to overstate its importance but I do believe belaboring the topic is impossible. More is important in avoiding possible mistaken guidance. Seek wisdom says the Bible.

We make hundreds of decisions each day about what to wear, eat, buy, watch, invest, sell, and others but nothing is as important as the decisions we make regarding our health! Be careful with those!!!

Self-realization in health matters is the understanding and fulfillment of a superior well-being state. Don’t assume your health is better or worse than it is ─ be accurate. Look carefully at what others your age do mentally and physically to compare.

The Necessary Decisions to Prevent Vehicle Collisions

Motor vehicle accidents are an enormous problem. Last year, according to the CDC, over 32,000 drivers were killed and over two million were injured. 712 traffic-related serious injuries result every day. The United States has double the number of traffic deaths as do other developed countries. The Houston area is among the most deadly of the metropolitan areas. Although, Texas ranks in the middle of states with 9.1 deaths per 100,000. THE DEADLIEST is Wyoming with 20 deaths per 100,000.