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In order to be successful in any significant endeavor when a good deal of effort is required, one must think carefully and correctly about the situation before taking action. The thinking should be more carefully done depending on the importance of the outcome. Your health and the wellbeing of your body are of primary importance. Every rational person wants continuing utmost bodily functioning for one’s entire lifespan but how to maintain that splendid goal’s essence relies on correct thinking about health.

In the material world, everything that produces energy, uses energy, or both wear out. And there are rules about those phenomena that determine the rapidity of the “wearing out”. Think of your automobile and how much its continued normal functioning depends on your providing adequate maintenance and correct driving habits. Your body is the same.

Aging is necessarily the greatest cause of functional impairment to health. Aside from infections and sudden injuries, the wearing out of our bodies is so slow as to be imperceptible but the damage is cumulative day after day. Our cells ever so gradually change. If you have any doubts take a look at a photo of yourself from long ago. I just did from 50 years ago when I was in the Navy. OMG!

Just imagine, if cigarette smoking resulted in lung cancer within a month or even a year cigarettes would have been blacklisted before becoming popular. Smoking would definitely not have continued for 7,000 years.

We are programmed from cave dweller times to stuff ourselves because food was scarce and to eat as many high caloric foods as we could for survival. Now food is constantly available but our brain continues to say stuff yourself. Likewise, our tastes tell us to selectively consume fats and sugary foods because they are high in calories; hence cave dwellers who liked fats would have survived better.

This preference to eat more than needed and prefer fatty foods has led to over 70 percent of Americans being OVERWEIGHT! Being overweight causes one’s body to produce chemicals that speed up the aging process very gradually and ushers in the diseases of aging including cancer, heart disease, stroke, and others that disable or cause demise.

Tailor your diet to not consume potentially harmful foods and instead, develop a taste for foods that contain substances that neutralize the harmful ones produced by your bodies’ cells. Learn to enjoy fruits, especially the berries, and green leafy veggies.

My bride and I have gradually reduced the size of our meals. We almost never finish a restaurant meal. We split it or get a takeout box to go. It sure is nice cutting your eating out expense or enjoy another delicious takeout meal at home!

The WHO defines health as – physical, mental, and social well‐being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. I want as much of that as I can make happen. AMEN!


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