Safeguard Your Body From a Covid Third Party and Remain Hearty

We are programmed to be alert to danger if detected by the five senses of the body. Unfortunately, viruses, especially those which poison our lungs, are not detectable. To accomplish something it is best to understand the mechanism involved. Go to a mirror within an inch and blow out a sizable breath and the mirror will fog up. This fog is composed of near countless infinitesimally tiny water droplets that are otherwise too small to be seen. These precipitations come from the lungs where a total moist body surface area the size of a swimming pool absorbs the oxygen to keep us alive. The Covid monsters live in infected people’s lungs.  READ MORE

Keep Safe Space

Distance from people you are not normally around. I move over at public places when someone starts to break the 6-foot barrier and when I can’t, I firmly ask them to distance.

Mask up when in public and consider the safety of your mask. It needs to fit securely and filter all the air that is going into your body. Openings anywhere allow unfiltered, possibly contaminated air into your lungs. Breath close to a mirror and the fogging is from zillions of ultra-minute water vapor particles you are continuously releasing and everyone else is as well. That potentially infectious air stays in the air for a while so when you are distanced from others READ MORE