Do not have Confusions about Resolutions. Instead let them Provide Solutions











Tomorrow we will be into January, named after the Roman god Janus who is the god of beginnings and endings. Indeed, having a unique profile of two faces: one in the back of the head to survey pasts and one in the front looking to futures. Learn from your past to shape your future and thrive.

So as the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” suggests, January is an excellent opportunity to better our lives. Do this by carefully examining our lifestyle practices and how they can be enriched. First, it is essential to consider what is most important in your life. What will give you the most long-term lifespan satisfaction? Consider that question sincerely which I do each time I log in for another 584 million-mile trip around the sun.

My answer is a resolute retain GOOD HEALTH and improve it. The word “health” derives from Old English roots meaning wholeness or, in olden times, the state of being uninjured. Initially, the word root meant “being fit” for life— having health was a good omen for all of one’s activities. Well-being is a near synonym. However, health’s meaning is currently abridged to mean freedom from physical maladies. INCOMPLETE.

The World Health Organization defines health as: “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” AMEN!

Ask what small but meaningful improvements I can make to my lifestyle. Nothing major because going overboard with resolutions is the foremost reason for resolution failure within the first month. First, realize that a healthier lifestyle will benefit you, your loved ones, and your friends. You will be able to function better with value-added physical, mental, emotional, or social living, especially if you are older. You don’t have to let your abilities sag in some aspect of your functioning. GET GOING.

Carefully plan the details of how you will reach the goals you desire and the satisfaction you will enjoy as you do so. If you are increasing your exercise routine, outline the place you will go and the times you will be there. Eat healthier diets by planning for a more nutritious regimen by serving more fish, vegetables, and fruits. Reduce fatty meats and sugar, and reduce portions. Include incremental improvements over time.

A popular New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. And the obvious answer is to reduce calorie intake, get your body to burn more calories or both. There are several successful plans, and the safest and most reliable is to join a medical weight loss clinic.

You may want to expand your knowledge base by enrolling in courses online. I will return to my habit of reading at least one nonfiction book a week. I did for many years but have gotten out of that habit. But I will resolve to resume in January.             


*a portion of this article appeared in Jan 2021.
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