Live Better While You Age. Tips & Tools For A Healthier, Longer Life


Live Better While You Age. Tips & Tools For A Healthier, Longer Life


Obviously, reasonable people want to enjoy robust lives, free from the ravages of aging and aging-related diseases. The question is how to secure that admirable goal. Numerous books address preserving health but none is comprehensive and approaches successful aging from a scientific evidence-based methodology. Invariably, piecemeal attempts describe aspects of attaining health from fitness, emotional aspects, or, most commonly diet and they offer authoritative opinions.

This effort’s resolve is to provide the reader with a primer that includes principles necessary for living a better life. We’re all familiar with the idea that all things happen for a reason. Amazingly, we generally apply that wisdom to everything in our lives, except our bodies, and yet we should. If we concentrate on the reasons certain behaviors are beneficial or harmful, we can better address our health issues. With scientific evidence-based facts, people can design their best life-style approach. Readers are not automatons expected to follow a specific program; instead, they will learn to understand the underpinnings of aging and then they will better understand how to age successfully


James Jones provides a practical and helpful guide to healthy aging. Well-written and supported by the most current research, readers will find the information they need to live well while they age.
— Sudipto Banerjee, PhD, Research Associate at Employee Benefit Research Institute


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