Keep Safe Space

Distance from people you are not normally around. I move over at public places when someone starts to break the 6-foot barrier and when I can’t, I firmly ask them to distance.

Mask up when in public and consider the safety of your mask. It needs to fit securely and filter all the air that is going into your body. Openings anywhere allow unfiltered, possibly contaminated air into your lungs. Breath close to a mirror and the fogging is from zillions of ultra-minute water vapor particles you are continuously releasing and everyone else is as well. That potentially infectious air stays in the air for a while so when you are distanced from others READ MORE

Epidemic Prevention?

There currently is substantial contradictory info about the Coronavirus outbreak starting in China. Should we be worried and how best to prepare for the eventuality of an epidemic here? First, we have yearly outbreaks termed flu season which for the past decade has resulted in an average of 34,000 deaths a year in the US. WOW! This is an estimate by CDC because death certificates often are vague as to cause of death and the flu frequently results in pneumonia which may be listed and is not specific for flu.

Infectious disease experts opine that the coronavirus outbreak may…READ MORE

Suggestions about managing the cost of medicines

Pharmaceutical companies have been brilliant in the last century in giving doctors great tools to treat age-related diseases. The average lifespan in a century has gained 28 years (52 years to 78 years), primarily from advances in medications. The advances are not cheap; every decade the cost has doubled. $$$  Patent protection provides the economic impetus to invest huge amounts of money in research which fuels… READ MORE