Suggestions about managing the cost of medicines

Pharmaceutical companies have been brilliant in the last century in giving doctors great tools to treat age-related diseases. The average lifespan in a century has gained 28 years (52 years to 78 years), primarily from advances in medications. The advances are not cheap; every decade the cost has doubled. $$$  Patent protection provides the economic impetus to invest huge amounts of money in research which fuels… READ MORE

Not Joshing, Get Serious About Handwashing

Frequently, especially during flu season, people think about handwashing. Actually it is a good idea to inaugurate a habit of handwashing year-round. After all, what is on our hands can wind up in your mouth which is a portal for gunk getting inside our bodies. OH NO! Consider that human poop the size of a raisin…READ MORE

Dodge Ding Damage

You may consider this topic to be farfetched as related to health but isn’t ones’ emotional health besmirched when a new ding is found on your car. It is very preventable. At the risk of seeming fastidious, the following are common-sense measures to dodge ding damage.

Since different actions in our material world produce different outcomes, understanding the process…  READ MORE