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To achieve and better yourself in this life requires motivation. Motivation is the mindset to gather enough willpower to set about achieving a desired result. My Mother repeatedly issued me the challenge early in my life, ” If you don’t continually better yourself in this life, you’ll wind up as sorry as dirt.” And I most assuredly did not want that to happen. MOTIVATING!

As Dolly Parton so aptly proclaimed, “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” And Mark Twain acknowledged, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Getting started seems to be a stopping block for many of us when achieving any goal, and motivation is the means to begin.

Motivation is prompted by the perception of a need. Psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed a hierarchy of human needs grouped by significance as Physiological (hunger, thirst), then Safety, next Social (love, friendship), followed by Self-esteem, and finally Self-actualization (achievement of full potential). In other words, what is there in your life that you want utmost to enhance?

What aspect of your routine of living could be improved? No, more importantly, what aspect should be improved? When you reconsider your full potential, have you reached it? Most of us can always stretch our abilities just a bit, especially if we get into the habit of recurrently cultivating betterments in our lifestyles.

In what aspect of your life have you settled into the drab let’s just do as little as possible attitude? Before I retired, and especially before Covid, my mindset was to use time well to accomplish and, most importantly, avoid wasting time.

To be successful in achieving goals, one must adhere to the correct methodology. I obtained the right way from the ideas of others. Consider a single feasible goal that can be divided into smaller tasks. Before starting, consider the benefits that will occur by achieving your goal. Bring family, friends, or better both to support your confidence about your plans and seek their backing. Set reminders and times to complete each task.

The quality of our lives is reflected by our principles, values, and goals. Those are determinants of what we hold significant. My Mother recurrently told me from the time I could talk, “What determines how successful you are in life as a person is how many people you help.” Naturally, we wish to make our lives and especially the lives of our loved ones better as we continue, but how about others as well? I work to write Health Tips, but there are countless ways to help others’ lives. There is no doubt that there is a great deal more gratification in our lives when we benefit others than when we benefit ourselves.

The Golden Rule provides guidance if we treat others as we would wish to be treated, the gain is wholesome self-satisfaction really happens. Then the feeling of living the GOOD LIFE is realized.

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