Let’s Address and Outguess the Stress of the COVID Mess







When we experience major second-rate lifestyle changes the body’s reaction is STRESS. In short spurts stress can be motivating to act as in work situations but when significant stress lingers it results in depression and can damage the stressed one’s health. The stressed body becomes awash in harmful hormones. The currently mandated lifesaving social distancing has altered the lives of most Americans more than ever before. Add the threat of one of the most harmful viruses in a long time with unceasing negative news barrages about its danger.

Foremost, we need to focus on accurate reasoning to put what faces us in perspective. Think back to the roughest times you have been through and how you persisted and arose tougher when the setback flipped on down the road. You persevered by dealing with the adversity and good times soon returned. As the notable minister Robert Schuller said, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” AMEN

Carefully follow the guidelines for avoiding the dreaded COVID. Then take heart that having done everything you can well that your chances of becoming sick are insignificant and worrying will not help. It might even lower your immunity which you do not want.

Laughter is a stress reliever by emitting feel-good hormones termed endorphins which counteract the stress hormones that can otherwise harm those stressed. Freud theorized that laughter releases the tension which builds up from stress. YES! Scientific studies provided laughter classes and then tests for depression and stress revealed that following each class both undesirable states were better. BENEFICIAL!

Results of scientific studies on the stress buster mindfulness showed significant lessening of stress and improved quality of life. Find a quiet restful spot, sit upright feet on the floor, place hands on lap, close eyes, and concentrate on your bodily sensations. Feel your chest lifting as the breath enters your nose and then your lungs and feel an unhurried exhale. Feel your feet and proceed up the body concentration of different area sensations in a deliberate fashion. Try this for several minutes until your mind is at peace.

If your gym is closed, exercise regularly by walking, jogging, or bicycling in your neighborhood. Also, one can keep their core strong which keeps posture decent by plank exercises. See the web and start carefully. Also, remain active by doing chores at home such as yard work or gardening. Time goes quicker when reading good books or doing puzzles. Mood is better when active. KEEP OCCUPIED!

Restrain the COVID news you read or watch because much of that news focuses on what is happening that is unfortunate and does not apply to those who are remaining healthy by appropriate protective measures. CDC and medical school sites are good info sites but much other is often distorted.

Data from a number of medical studies conclude that religious participation has protective effects in times of stress caused by negative life events. STRESS BEGONE!

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