Decree to foresee a carefree reality










In our surrounding material world, which backdrops our reality of existence, everything that happens has a cause. Otherwise, it is magic, and magic is just an entertaining illusion, and illusions are only make-believe. Significantly, our realities are composed of two portions. Those that are participatory and those that we are uninvolved.

Our immersive relationship with reality is the collective of all activities we participate. From our awareness, patterns and similarities emerge. We alter this marvelous reality better if we embrace a successful lifestyle.

Dr. William Glasser, a gifted psychiatrist, created a remarkably brilliant methodology to examine and adjust one’s personal reality for a more gratifying lifestyle. His method termed Reality Therapy because it coaches readjusting decisions and actions for a more splendid daily life. Our emotional tiffs occur because our performance drops beneath our expectations.

As far back as kindergarten, my Mother repeatedly issued the challenge when I achieved something. Even if it was excellent such as getting an A on tests, “don’t you truly believe that you could have done better? Now tell me what you will do next time to improve?”

Primarily, we are in control of our lives. Even when others are in authority, your choice to obey or not is still paramount. Therefore, we each bear the responsibility for actions determining most of our reality’s happenings. Reality Theory emphasizes optimizing behaviors from choices that satisfy our needs is primary to a pleasing lifestyle. SATISFY SELF!

Typically, when considering our personal needs, we think of the essential requirements of food, shelter, transportation, education, health, and a few others for survival.

The most authoritative needs list I have come across and generally considered the finest is from a psychologist named Maslow. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs distinguishes their significance.

(1) First, physiological needs are the basics, including food, water, sleep, and sex. OK.

(2) We need safety factors, including surroundings and health.

(3) The essential third need includes love and belonging with family, friends, and romance.

(4) Esteem means confidence and respect of others and by others.

(5) At the peak, Self-actualization is the desire to accomplish everything possible, to become the most that one can be.

Reality Therapy emphasizes the NOW and does not dwell on the past. There is no place for recriminations such as “if I had only done differently.” NOW is KEY!

Morality is an important determinant to guide one’s reality construct. In all relationships, you must commit to being a good mate, family person, and friend and secure great tomorrows.


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