Do Not Depend on Stinkin Thinkin to Mend









I earlier broached the subject of spot-on thinking to guide actions to maximize wellbeing correctly. I don’t want to overstate its importance but I do believe belaboring the topic is impossible. More is important in avoiding possible mistaken guidance. Seek wisdom says the Bible.

We make hundreds of decisions each day about what to wear, eat, buy, watch, invest, sell, and others but nothing is as important as the decisions we make regarding our health! Be careful with those!!!

Self-realization in health matters is the understanding and fulfillment of a superior well-being state. Don’t assume your health is better or worse than it is ─ be accurate. Look carefully at what others your age do mentally and physically to compare.

Equal opportunity is widely discussed regarding the attainment of educational, occupational, and material achievements. But I would add achieving a state of well-being that is a source of “substantial satisfaction in spades”. With very few exceptions, such as genetic defects, we mostly have approximately equal genetic chance at wellbeing. Scientific studies have shown this to be true. The most comprehensive report studied 2,872 identical Danish twins and determined that three fourths of survival was determined by lifestyle behaviors. SO, CHOOSE GOOD WELLNESS.

Aristotle, arguably the greatest philosopher ever, strongly believed that the most important thing in life was to make a habit of doing the right thing. The Bible also emphasizes that idea. Unfortunately, most believe that is how to act toward others; NO, is also doing the right things to your own BODY.

Everyone not deranged knows that talking about something does not make it happen. Happenings require actions, especially regarding health matters. Even worse is joking about not doing the right things! I have a friend who crows about not exercising!

It is a great error in life not to realize that almost all material happenings occur incrementally. Unless one inherits a fortune, one becomes rich over time by earning and saving which adds up ─ incrementally. One does not go into a new job and become the CEO (unless they already were one) they gradually get advances. Good and bad outcomes for wellness occur incrementally as well. Aging happens over decades to produce wrinkles or diseases.

If smoking cigarettes caused cancer in a year or two, no one would do it! The same is true for healthy habits. New Years’ resolutions pack gyms for a month or two. Then the crowding dissipates. TOO BAD! Remember, the Grand Canyon was formed incrementally.

Do not let your wellness thinking stagnate which is easy to do. Doubt can enter from “fake medical news”, mainly in newspapers. They get attention by new revelations that contradict past conclusions, especially if discarding unwanted behaviors is proposed.

In order to achieve well-being, one must live well which obviously means knowing and particularly obeying the rules of wellness.

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