Life is a Song and Dance if You Enhance Your Circumstance.











Even the most cultured among us often do not know precisely what constitutes their reality. Often, we misguidedly consider it simply as a backdrop in which we live. Your environment in the global sense includes your surroundings, all the people in direct contact, aggregate societal happenings, and how you think about these aspects. Your reality is what you make it to be. Evaluate and Act. Consider the total of your existence and how it enchantingly morphed into your present. Briefly detail the enhancements that added to your present-day province and then reflect on the impediments and how you overcame them. It will bring a smile and might make you feel like dancing. If so, go ahead, DANCE!

Place some humor in your life, and your life will brighten up. After all, as the quote “Dance in the Rain” exuberantly instructs, life isn’t about frightfully waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Dance! A very close friend experienced hard times yet always seemed to keep on top of it all. When things went south, he would vehemently shrug his shoulders and loudly say, “this too will pass,” and go on with his life.

As my wonderful Grandmother Nichols advised when troubles burdened, “Just adjust your attitude.” I adjusted my bummer attitudes for the remainder of my life and improved outcomes considerably. Examine what has happened and why in detail. Carefully choose what you can and should do to deal with the state of affairs. If you can do nothing to improve things, decide whether feeling remorseful will help, and if not, stop your internal torment and think of how to avoid similar problems.

Terminate the run-through of habitually appreciating the good things in life most when they are gone. That nearly universal distortion cheats the perpetrator out of much satisfaction. Embellish your good fortune by fully appreciating the goods life has bestowed, especially family and good friends, repeatedly in the present moment. Make each moment count, and you will approach abundant life.

Stop and create a gratitude list in your mind, and appreciation will soar as your spirit rejoices. In doing so, think of three happenings in the last 24 hours that were refreshing. Make time to spend with your loved ones and friends, and when around them or communicating by phone, make them the sole purpose of your attention by avoiding distractions.

Be thankful for your plentiful meals because there are more hungry people in the world (over 825 million) than almost 2.5 times the population of the United States. We are abundant with huge grocery stores and nearly countless fast food shops waiting for hungry people in the USA.

Express your affection by noticing the good things and delightfully complimenting others when deserved. Dispense appropriate hugs. Appreciate good friends willingly but especially let loved ones know you care. Make, Thank You, one of the most often spoken phrases out of your mouth. Make your life gratifying by knowing your most pleasurable activities and repeating them often.



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