Do Not Choke When it Comes to a Stroke










Strokes are major causes of death and disability. Strokes are dreadfully abrupt and as such, we should be aware of how to recognize and deal with them. Sudden onset is a key. In an instant indicators appear. Physical problems such as weakness of the facial muscles, an arm or leg, or trouble walking should alert one. Also, slurred speech, trouble thinking or other sudden mental deficiencies are warnings. Rapidly seek help!

There are many emergency rooms widely scattered throughout America. However, for people having strokes, there are a number of new treatments offered. However, there are only a few places where state-of-the-art therapies are available. All healthcare institutions, including hospitals, need to be certified by a regulatory organization called simply the “Joint Commission”. Hospitals need their certification to remain open. When they come for recertification every few years, all of the hospital management stays available for verifications of performance. The “Joint” makes sure medical care meets strict standards.

The “Joint” has several designations for superior treatment to get better results from stroke’s treatment and it titles the better centers Comprehensive Stroke Centers. Certification in stroke care assures superior care. A new treatment where clots are extracted is also certified. But there are limited Hospitals offering this treatment. Use the following Link to search your area for Hospitals designated as Comprehensive Stroke Centers – Search for the Certified Stroke Centers 

The take-home message is to obtain the best result which in stroke means the least resulting disability. Go where the best possible care is available as fast as possible. Your life depends on it…



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