You can Make Your Life Astute if You Trouble-Shoot Starting with a Reboot









The ultimate key to living the finest life possible is to perfect the way it is lived, aided by polishing one’s lifestyle. Lifestyle is gradually implemented by your family, educational level, moral training, romantic experiences, and much of life’s encounters molding the inner self’s beliefs.

The brain is unquestionably the most unbelievably complex part of the human body in the living biosphere. Its counterpart in the nonliving world is a similarly intricate computer. Both use energy to function, collecting information and assembling vast volumes of content to arrive at conclusions.

When computer glitches happen, a simple procedure termed “reboot” generally renovates its functioning back to normal. This simple procedure, seemingly by magic, resets otherwise malfunctioning programs to routine, and the rebooted computer returns to normal. Glitches happen because, over time, there becomes an accumulation or build-up in the memory. This build-up causes computer hiccups which are removed by rebooting.

This column has focused for some time on reengineering everyday life to be the best we can be. Even when we feel like shouting, “THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS,” the mood will not last long. But, rebooting can make it happen more often.

To initiate a reboot, isolate and be mindful only of your SELF, not of the environment from the outside world. We have all the complex methods and routines that propel us to function as individuals leading independent lives in a vast, complex world. But we need to realize that whatever plans we have for reaching our goals need to be properly adhered to rather than just given passing attention. GIVE ATTENTION WHERE NEEDED!

Personal rebooting should allow focusing on eradicating unsavory segments of our persona, which include remorse, guilt, distaste for others, and fear that something unpleasant is looming.

Look to past instances you regret and realize that keeping detrimental baggage from the past is like not taking out household garbage. They offer no value and only stink up your lifecycle.

Expect the rebooting to remove unwanted baggage and produce a clean slate for your mental being. Then you can restart and replace old habits with a new, more exuberant lifestyle and get Aha moments.

I must caution that my training is not in psychiatry. However, I remember making one of the highest grades in psychiatry in medical school. Hence, the chairman called me in and asked if I was going into psychiatry. I replied no because I would only sit and analyze myself. The professor was not amused.

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