The weight management subject will require a series of missives to address. This, the first is when to recognize you have something that should weigh on you. This subject may not be popular in the USA, especially in those more senior, but like taxes, it must be dealt with properly or the consequences can be catastrophic. Most people are in denial believing that weight gain just is inevitable in their senior years. NOT SO. My Grandparents and Mom were in rest homes and there were almost no residents that were obese.  

Weighing in on the Subject of Weight: How Much is too Much

Controlling metabolism is one of the best ways to control weight. The key measurement is the basal metabolic rate (BMR) (the amount of calories the body requires at rest). The BMR consumption varies most with the pounds of muscle the body has. Muscle loss begins after age 25 and averages about 0.5% annually without extra efforts. For every 10 pounds of muscle lost 600 less calories are needed but our appetites do not correspondingly decrease.

Control Metabolism, Control Weight