Obesity and Cancer










In modern times when excesses are everywhere present, excessive gorging can overwhelm the subcutaneous storage spaces and result in our important organs becoming fat containers. The most obvious are abdominal organs with the essential organs liver and pancreas being the first to suffer.

Our bodies do not make more cells to store fat as more fat accumulates. The storage cells for fat enlarge. Capillaries furnishing oxygen for energy needed for life do not increase and diffusion is limited, so big fat cells can become depleted of energy from lacking oxygen and signal they need help. Cells that are distended secrete signaling materials termed cytokines (from Greek meaning cell motion). This can start the body to make preparations for hurting cells that will increase the aging process. You do not want this. Aging does not need to be speeded up!

Also, people who have increased cytokines get cancer more often and respond less well to treatment.1

Don’t express excess in your body.


1. Gilbert CA, Slingerland JM. Cytokines, obesity, and cancer: new insights on mechanisms linking obesity to cancer risk and progression. Annual review of medicine 2013;64:45-57.



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