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Stop Putting Unintentional Stuff in Your Body: It can Kill You.

We have two major gateways into our body: our mouths and our airways. There are two more, your skin if lacerated and your rectum. You may think me punctilious for giving you the following info but it is important for you to take this as gospel!

I regularly see people putting their hands on the tops of drinking utensils which means that a small portion of what is on their hands will enter the person’s body doing the drinking ─ Egad! If you must touch the utensil’s top drink from the opposite side is good advice. If at a restaurant and the server handles the utensils in a careless manner by touching something you will put in your mouth ask that it be replaced. When working out at the gym use sanitizing solution or wipes just after you finish.

Is Curcumin the “Fountain of Youth” Ponce de León was Seeking?

Curcumin is the active yellow ingredient in the spice turmeric which has many proven benefits. The biochemical name for curcumin is index finger length and almost unpronounceable! It has been confirmed to lessen the process of aging. Interesting NO? A number of aging-related diseases including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and the dreaded DEMENTIA are among the diseases avoided. I am uncertain why, but turmeric is an Asian spice that is a staple additive in some of the places with the longest-lived people on Earth! Especially, Japan the captain of longevity (#1 out of the 201 countries) and especially Okinawa which houses the longest-lived seniors in Japan!!

Curcumin’s mode of action is not precisely known but one modus is certain: it reduces inflammation ─ big time. Inflammation is a major player in aging and ushering in aging’s diseases. It is in the class of chemicals termed polyphenols which includes resveratrol which is the health-promoting substance in red wine. Importantly, curcumin in prediabetes prevents progression to diabetes and its potential problems.1