Safeguard Your Body From a Covid Third Party and Remain Hearty












We are programmed to be alert to danger if detected by the five senses of the body. Unfortunately, viruses, especially those which poison our lungs, are not detectable. To accomplish something it is best to understand the mechanism involved. Go to a mirror within an inch and blow out a sizable breath and the mirror will fog up. This fog is composed of near countless infinitesimally tiny water droplets that are otherwise too small to be seen. These precipitations come from the lungs where a total moist body surface area the size of a swimming pool absorbs the oxygen to keep us alive. The Covid monsters live in infected people’s lungs.

Make no mistake the Covoid mess is the vilest seen in our lifespan and hopefully the worst we will ever encounter. I have a grandson who played college football and is a super healthy guy. He was incapacitated by Covid for over a week and told me it was the sickest he had ever imagined one could be. Bad cases are hospitalized for weeks and running up gargantuan hospital bills. Also, this virus allows an infected person to infect others before becoming symptomatic. OMG! You do not want this but millions have gotten sickened by it and millions more will.

While it is not the most uplifting idea, when we are around other people they continually breathe out air containing droplets from their lungs and if we are too close we breathe their air into our bodies. This is why distancing is important. Six feet has been determined to keep from breathing another person’s possible contaminated air. But when shouting, coughing or sneezing takes place as much as ten feet should be observed. When in stores with narrow aisles I will briefly hold my breath even when masked as we pass to avoid possibly breathing in any contaminated air.

Masks can be reasonably effective if properly adjusted. When going into public places one can frequently see people with face masks under their noses. What are they thinking? Such flawed use has no protection for them at all and maybe harmful when they behave as if they are being protected. Plastic air shields are not protective-don’t bother.

Contamination from hands is much less frequent as a cause but any entry into your body should be avoided. When touching anything be cautious. Open doors with your non-dominant hand and if your sleeve will reach cover your hand. When opening and holding open doors, use the forearm or back of the hand, not the palm or fingers. Whenever finger food is munched wash using the recommended twenty-second scrub and concentrate on the palms, especially the fingertips. Fingers especially the tips are the danger zones and should receive extra attention.

Vaccinations should lead to herd immunity but that may take a specific majority getting vaccinated. Let’s hope for the best.



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