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Obesity and the Development of Cancer

I receive pertinent medical information from a dozen reliable sources. I wish to bring a recent dispatch from MD Anderson to your attention. MD Anderson, without a doubt, rates continuously as the best place to get cancer treatment in the world. I just received the following from them.

They say: “The link between obesity and cancer risk is clear. Research shows that excess body fat increases your risk for several cancers, including colorectal, post-menopausal breast, endometrial, esophageal, kidney and pancreatic cancers. (Actually, there are over a dozen cancers that are doubled to quadrupled in the obese).

Ways to reduce the cost of your medical care.

Ways to reduce the cost of your medical care:

First and foremost, polite questioning of your doctor should always be considered in order. Before I could afford cars with warranties, I politely questioned mechanics. One time, I avoided thousands of dollars in repairs which were deferred until I traded the car. So, just do it!