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Are You Supplementing Big Drug Companies by Tossing Good Meds?

Everything unfortunately expires, including drugs both prescription drugs and OTC meds (over the counter meds). A 1979 law required all pharmaceutical and OTC producers to label their products with a date they would guarantee potency. Guess what? Their incentive is to sell you medicine, so? Sounds like the […]

The Miracle of Metabolism: The Secret of Life.

The Miracle of Metabolism: The Secret of Life. Metabolism is a magical word; it sums the trillions of dynamic biochemical reactions continuously taking place every second to keep the body alive and healthy. All these complex processes are divisible into two types of reactions. Reactions involved with breaking […]

Stop, Think, Then Act.

In my late forties, I took up scuba diving. I’d always wanted to experience the sensation of being nearly weightless underwater, gliding along, breathing naturally, and observing marine life up close. I’m sure I’ve forgotten much of what the then-young instructor had told us about how to defog […]