We are approaching flu season once again and it is time to make preparations.








We are approaching flu season once again and it is time to make preparations to avoid the problems the little creature can cause. Flu potentially is serious in older folks. About 20 million on average get the flu each year and 50,000 to 80,000 will die! The essential duty we all have is to get vaccinated and forewarn our immune systems. Vaccinations need to be gotten yearly because there are different viruses that cause flu and the vaccines are updated yearly. In the past three strains were protected against but this year includes four strain protections. 

The timing of the shots is important because it takes at least two weeks to develop immunity and flu season can begin in late November and is worst in December with outbreaks possible until May. Now is the time don’t delay.

Most flu vaccines are injected into the shoulder muscles. Feel the boney point of your shoulder pointing outward, the needle should be placed in the middle of your arm 1 or 2 inches below the top.

Don’t get the vaccination if you are not feeling well. Wait a few days. Producers supposedly shifted from growing the attenuated viruses in eggs but if you are allergic to eggs ask your doc before vaccination. 

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