weight gain

Weighing in on the Subject of Weight: How Much is too Much

The weight management subject will require a series of missives to address. This, the first is when to recognize you have something that should weigh on you.

This subject may not be popular in the USA, especially in those more senior, but like taxes, it must be dealt with properly or the consequences can be catastrophic. Most people are in denial believing that weight gain just is inevitable in their senior years. NOT SO. My Grandparents and Mom were in rest homes and there were almost no residents that were obese.


Time Your Meals

What about the standard three meals a day which is entrenched into the present. In ancient times, there was often not even one meal a day depending largely on food availability. Romans ate one meal daily and considered consuming more meals gluttony. In western medieval times breakfast could not be eaten until morning mass was completed. Lunch showed up as “nuncheon”, an old Anglo-Saxon word which meant a quick snack. It was not regularly practiced until the 19th century.

The main meal of the day dinner became later and later as artificial lighting became available.