Just How Does Blood Pressure Get High?

High blood pressure is the most common biological condition that predisposes to serious diseases and it is readily treatable with meds. It triggers heart attacks and strokes that result in more than half of the deaths, more than all cancers together. What about this blood pressure, anyway.

The kidneys are among the important organs which keep us alive. They are all animal’s waste disposal units working 24 hours a day without rest. Their failure without medical treatment is devastating. To do its work the kidneys receive 25% of the bodies’ blood flow. They require over a quart of blood a minute! This is substantially more than goes to the heart or even to our brain. This substantial kidney blood flow must be regulated because the kidney’s “cleaning stations” require blood to pass through at sufficient pressure to continue flow in very minute vessels. I mention this to make the following description of the process that the kidneys use to insure adequate pressure reasonably necessary. IT IS NECESSARY!

Do Not Choke When it Comes to a Stroke

Strokes are major causes of death and disability. Strokes are dreadfully abrupt and as such, we should be aware of how to recognize and deal with them. Sudden onset is a key. In an instant indicators appear. Physical problems such as weakness of the facial muscles, an arm or leg, or trouble walking should alert one. Also, slurred speech, trouble thinking or other sudden mental deficiencies are warnings. Rapidly seek help!

There are many emergency rooms widely scattered throughout America. However, for people having strokes, there are a number of new treatments offered. However, there are only a few places where state-of-the-art therapies are available. All healthcare institutions, including hospitals, need to be certified by a regulatory organization called simply the “Joint Commission”.

What Stress can Result in and How to Recognize Trouble:

Recently the stress level in the Houston region and other areas affected by Hurricane Harvey have been high and this is not good for older folks. Stress causes release of “stress hormones” which rev up your body’s flight or fight response. This can trigger dormant disease ─ especially vascular disease.

Be especially aware of impending heart problems and be checked early. The heart problems characteristically present with pain on the left side of the front of the chest and may radiate down the left arm. Classical pain is described as pressure associated with difficulty breathing.