The first vitamin discovered was B1 – thiamine. In 1987, by Dutch physician Christian Eijkman while studying a peculiar disease in the Dutch West Indies – Beriberi. B vitamins have a great deal to do with your metabolism and cell growth. B12 and B9 are frequently deficient in seniors. Below is a list of the B vitamins - what they do for your body, the best food sources to make sure you get your Bs and how much you need per day Vitamin B1 - (Thiamine) Helps the body convert carbohydrates and fat into energy

Minding the B Vitamins

              Just like books on “How to make a million”, there are many diet books. The more instructional ways that exist, the less chance of finding the perfect answer. The best approach to a complex question is to examine the foundational issues.   Within […]

Your food can save your cells