Obesity and Cancer

In modern times when excesses are everywhere present, excessive gorging can overwhelm the subcutaneous storage spaces and result in our important organs becoming fat containers. The most obvious are abdominal organs with the essential organs liver and pancreas being the first to suffer.

Our bodies do not make more cells to store fat as more fat accumulates. The storage cells for fat enlarge.

Minding the B Vitamins

The first vitamin discovered was B1 – thiamine. In 1987, by Dutch physician Christian Eijkman while studying a peculiar disease in the Dutch West Indies – Beriberi.
B vitamins have a great deal to do with your metabolism and cell growth. B12 and B9 are frequently deficient in seniors.

Below is a list of the B vitamins – what they do for your body, the best food sources to make sure you get your Bs and how much you need per day

Vitamin B1 – (Thiamine) Helps the body convert carbohydrates and fat into energy