Today a friend brought forth a topic that needs some understanding; precisely, whether to accept or reject Chemotherapy treatment for cancer when recommended by a doctor. Chemo is its moniker. As always, deciding what you will do before becoming properly informed about important matters is unsound and can be detrimental. The following is basic info you need to know. Cancers are formed when certain of a body’s cells have abnormal growth rates beyond replacement needs, producing lumps of non-functional cells which can crowd out the normal cells. Chemo both kills and slows the growth of cells, especially the faster-dividing ones. Because all the body’s cells are affected, almost all Chemo agents have side effects, mostly in the faster growing normal cells, such as hair and blood.

What Info Should One Know About Chemo?

Medical therapies are getting better as a natural progression of medical science continues. Various organ transplants costs over $500,000 and heart transplant will run you $750,000 but the real wow factor is seen in the Wall Street Journal  Immunotherapy is the new kid on the block. It is being recognized as a wonder treatment after conventional therapies have nose-dived. The catch, and there always seems to be one, is that immunotherapy costs over a $1,000,000.

The Cost of Progress